This Website

nicopolitan.com has been around for a little over a decade as of 2018, and has taken on a number of forms as the landscape of blogging has progressed. It was never about anything in particular, as it mainly served as a space for me, Nico, to gather practical experience in website ownership. The writing was bad, and probably won't get any better anytime soon, but these days I'm a little more hesitant to share my past thoughts and opinions as they aren't completely in line with my current worldview. Overall, this site has always been a place for me to look under the hood at code.

It used to be the case that this website was my hub for internet socializing, but the rise of social media has all but made that near-obsolete. So what need is there for a WordPress site in 2018? Especially one that serves as a vanity URL? Stick around to find out. Maybe you'll notice something I don't.

This Author

My name is Nico del Castillo, a surprisingly not uncommon name, and I make and fix websites for a living. I'm a musician, an Angeleno, and a dork. If you'd like to get in touch, I'm mostly social on Twitter as @nicopolitan, even though as time goes on it's becoming an increasingly volatile place. All the more reason to fight to keep a positive attitude.