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Before the rant commences, I gotta get a few things out of the way:

  • Hi, it's been a while. This writing will be rusty. Also, coarse language ahead, but I shouldn't have to warn about that anymore.
  • I have had the fortune of having feminists around me throughout my adult life, and while I'm read up on some facts, figures, and concepts, I'm not going to claim myself an authority on anything, least of all qualified to speak on feminism in the scholarly sense. My college degree isn't in Gender Studies. This is a rant, not an academic journal. Besides, I am interested in this. And this is my blog. And I will write what I damn well please.
  • "What? A man? Interested in feminist issues?" Yes. Why is that weird? That's kind of a problem that that's weird, if you think about it.
  • Inb41 "white-knight"2 name calling.
  • In my near-decade of blogging, this is my first post about any kind of -ism. This will be a bumpy ride.

Good? Okay.

I've been paying attention to the #YesAllWomen hashtag on Twitter regarding recent events involving a shooting that is, in large part, motivated by misogyny. As far as if it really had anything to do with misogyny, that discussion is over. Because the answer is "Yes, misogyny played a part."

What disappoints me about the online conversation surrounding #YesAllWomen is that I'm seeing a lot of "This is a problem" and not enough "Here is a possible solution."

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  1. "In before", as in "Let's be clear, I am self-aware of how this sounds."
  2. Feigning chivalry to get into the good graces of women. And to clear that up, I'm not interested in getting into the good graces of anyone unless you're planning on giving me shit tons of money (or shit tons of pizza, whichever comes first).