About This Blog

Frequently Asked* Questions

*by probably only me, to myself, explaining myself to myself

"Wasn't this blog around for a long time already? Why are there so few posts?"
nicopolitan.com has been around for over a decade. But on October 1, 2010, the blog's author, Nico (me), completely fucked up while screwing around with MySQL tables and subdomains, and a lot of the information was lost. Which is okay, because that gave me a chance to prune some of the cringiest posts I've made. I bet some good ones were lost, too. Ah, well. Hello, World, indeed.

Now, the blog is back. It seems to be working okay. Consistency still cannot be guaranteed. As of this update in 2017, people don't have blogs much anymore since the communication shift went to social media. I, for one, didn't mind. I feel much more at home in a concise and fleeting 140 characters.

But anyway, this place is still up for posterity. Because why the hell not?

"Aren't blogs just self-indulgent whining?"
Sure, sometimes. Or, maybe this isn't how people think of blogs ever since the Mass Exodus To Social Media? This was a common way of considering the content of blogs in the past. I wonder what people think of blogs now.

But you know what? I like the people I meet because of blogs. I still love everyone I met during the Blogosphere Golden Age.

Self-indulgent? Of course. But also a good tool to improve self-awareness.

"Alright fine.  But why do you have a blog?"
It's a space to practice and experiment in web development. There are few risks in me screwing up this website, which I have done a number of times already and anticipate doing in the future. The main purpose of this blog is to be broken and reconstructed, forever and ever, amen. A nice allegory, that.

And the personal stuff? Better than lorem ipsum, and good for practicing communication and self-expression. There is a real person behind this username, after all.

"Wouldn't you rather engage with real people?"
Oh, I don't know.  Have you considered that most of the people you meet in real life are on the net anyway?

Also, no. I've learned that I am or have become an introvert and I'd rather stay in most of the time. I love people, but only in moderation. Humans are weird, dude.

"What if people hate you?  Wouldn't that affect you?"
Life is too important to take too seriously. And who gives a crap what people think?  And who gives a crap about what I say, anyway? This is the internet. Everyone does whatever the fuck they want. That's how the internet works. Sorry, that's how internet culture works; the internet itself functions as a series of tubes. Wow, that joke is old. In editing this page, I've decided to preserve that reference as a reminder of what we used to say about the internet.

What was I talking about? Right, hate. Eh, whatever. So long as my life isn't in danger, I think I'll be fine. I'm betting that some people already do hate me behind my back, adding a delicious layer of suspicion to all of my interactions. I think this is the same case. You can't be overly concerned about what people think of you. That's no way to live.