A favored turn of phrase after Bloggers in Sin City is that "there are no words."

I beg to differ. We are bloggers, after all. So it is in words we trust -- and use our words, we must. But what to do when the task is daunting?

Return to form. Write what you know. From over here, I know that I write to learn things about the world and myself. Words are my Tetris pieces that sort out the lines and smooth over the gaps, and I never know what I'll have until the pieces are set at the bottom of the screen. This write-to-find process usually works, but I don't think I learned anything from #BiSC or the BiSCuits1. I've written this post five times in five different ways, and this may be because I'm out of blogging practice, but I can't nail down any new lessons. Bloggers are still bloggers, BiSCuits are still BiSCuits, people are still people.

I keep thinking that it's because I already knew that the BiSCuits would be remarkable human beings, people who allowed themselves to bring their respective thunder by granting access to their restricted areas2. Glorious individuals. They always are. So, that wasn't a surprise. And why should it be? But at the same time, how could I know that everyone would be wonderful, without fail?

It wasn't until some time after the revelry and some nights' sleep that I discovered I wasn't supposed to learn something about humans, the internet, bloggers, or friendship. By being unsurprised at all of the goodness that came from the trip, I was supposed to learn here, in bed, on a laptop, that I inherently believe in people, and that this asset is supposed to take me somewhere.

So I think I've finally got something on this re-write. I believe in people because I want them to reciprocate and believe in me, because much of the time, I don't believe in myself. It's so much easier to act when someone else believes in you.

And that's why I'm just going to put it out there that if you're seeing this, regardless of if you're a BiSCuit or not, chances are very high that I already believe in you. Because I can. And I will. BiSCuits are just a special case because my belief in them gets manifest so swiftly.

This is my special talent. I believe in you so that you may go forth and act on it.

You don't have to have confidence in yourself. I'm already doing that for you. And now there's no room for your self-doubt or insecurity. Because if you're still questioning yourself or doubting your worth, then you're wrong, and I am right. And you have to believe me, because I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

Listen, reader. Don't believe in yourself. We don't have time for that.

Believe in me, who believes in you.

  1. BiSCuit - noun, sing. Epithet for an attendee of Bloggers in Sin City (BiSC), and a pun on the small, typically round, cake of bread.
  2. Psychological restricted areas. Non-sexual. Gawd, people.
  • There is a reason that you were the first person I sought out for a hug.

    Despite the fact that I couldn't have put it into words before reading this, I have understood your limitless belief in people from the moment that we danced together in 2011.

    I thought I was at a place where I could read BiSC posts semi-objectively*, but here is the self-proclaimed robot, just proving me wrong! The difference here though, is that there's more hope and optimism in this moment than in 98% of the others.

    *Meaning without crying.

  • I love this. I love this because I'm the same way - I love people and want to support and believe them as much as possible in the hopes that they'll support and believe in me too.

    So, also? I'm going to bookmark this and reread it every time I'm scared or nervous or overwhelmed. Thank you for that, Nico. And best of luck with everything you've got coming up in life - I believe in you.

  • I believe in you. In your ability to do whatever you want. Whenever you want.

    Thank you for being a friend.

  • brad

    After what, 4, 5 years? I finally got to meet you. And this post is so much of why I was so looking forward to it, dude.

  • This is the first thing to make me emotional since the farewell brunch. Very, very well said.

  • You are exactly what I expected you to be in real life, Nico, & I mean that in the absolute best way. Thanks for believing in all of us - & for encouraging me to want to do the same!

  • Caryn

    I believe in you. I believe you are a true friend and inspiration to many. I believe you are meant for big, grand things and that you are about to embark on a new adventure and that amazing new things are headed your way. I know you had writers block for a while, I'm glad to see you back again. Sometimes all it takes is a little inspiration and spending some time with BiSCuits. I am so grateful you returned this year. Let's not go another 2 years with sporadic talking.

    P.S. I like the blog redesign ( I hadn't clicked through my reader in a while, if it is old)

  • tomfromhr


  • This is solid, man. I think you hit it on the head — I've been jaded with people for a good while, thinking that they're self-centred, apathetic to the world around them and just draining. That they have little TRUE interest in others and making sure that they're doing okay. They come first, the world second.

    Amidst all the douchery and crazy that is inherent to Vegas, I guess that makes it even MORE significant that the BiSCuits managed to light a spark of belief within me that I thought had long fizzled out. I want to make the world better. I want to do better. And so I will. If it kills me, that's my goal.

    Best of luck with the next leg of your journey — may it continue to stir the belief you need to succeed!

  • aduronia

    I am so, so happy I was able to meet you after this long. You know, because of the way I am tuned, I can still read this and think "well, he believes in everyone EXCEPT YOU, dominique, so don't think this applies," but i'm going to take that and box it up and put it in a corner, and i'm going to choose to trust for a second.

    i believe in you. always did. and now i will even more. <3

  • Stacey Tibbs

    You are one of the ones I knew I was going to miss most by not attending this year. You are the man, Nico. Big hugs, all the way from Richmond, Virginia straight to you. I believe in YOU.

  • Clearly I need to fly out to California and actually give you a bro hug. And buy you that beer. You're one of my favorite people to talk to, and this is the reason why.

  • You are one of the most remarkable people I know. 8 SECOND HUG, RIGHT HERE.

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  • San

    I'd been following you on Twitter for a while, because people told me that you're awesome, but I didn't truly get it until I met you.... I really enjoyed our conversations, Nico, and yes, I believe in you and I want to believe that you believe in me (Hi Dominique, here's another person with low self-esteem ;))... it's fantastic to see that there are people who say what they mean and mean what they say.

    Personally, I am thrilled (!) that you'll be moving to the Bay Area and I am hoping to see more of you soon!
    Also: SCIENCE!

  • Katelin

    Love this so much Nico. Love it.